Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mud, Brakes & Ball Bearings

June apparently is NOT the month to move. Torrential rain had been pouring from the sky for nearly a week. It stopped for about a day and a half, and we thought that would be long enough to take some items to a storage room and this was the result when we were leaving. This was June 1, and I won't even mention who said, 'I got this.' and then got the car stuck ...

Yesterday the older kids and I hear this terrible noise coming from the wheels, we were thinking it was the brakes because if you know our car the brakes SQUEAL something awful at times. Then when David heard the noise this morning he dropped the 'B' word on me ... ball bearings! I told him to not say such bad words.

Like a good husband, he takes it to the local mechanic and it was not the ball bearings, but DRIED UP MUD! Talk about a sigh of relief!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Yo-Yo reports

It’s difficult to put into words when you get a difficult update on one aspect of an illness and a good report on another. This is what you can call the yo-yo report! We take the good with the bad and sometimes the ugly!

I will not go into details of the reports, we’re keeping those details among family at this time, but I will ask that you continue to pray for Graydon, Betty and our families. We appreciate the calls and visits. Although this hospital stay is taxing on us all, we are grateful for one another and each of you.

If you call the house and leave a message please note your message will not go unnoticed nor are they unwanted, we will try our best to make contact back with everyone as soon as we are able. 

Our priorities right now are Graydon and his care, mom in her rest and care and our families during this difficult time of yo-yo medical reports.

We love you all.